Let’s start a project!

Well, school is ending soon and I have a lot of ideas that I’ve wanted to do but thanks to a class that I joined becasue I thought I needed when it turns out I really didn’t being a lot of trouble (Think of the phrase: Shot Myself in the foot) I have had no time to enact any of those plans. However, since school is almost over (read: two weeks/three weeks), I think it’s time I start working on some of them. My first project is starting a Let’s Play series. Won’t talk much about it because I want to see where it goes, ┬ábut I do know that the first game will be something from the Monkey Island series.

Now to figure out how to advertise…


I’m back, baby.

This is like the third time? I have no idea.


I want to focus more on this site now. I haven’t made any comics since Grease, but now Grease is over and I can focus on my *DRUM ROLL PLEASE!?*

Schoolwork! Yes, I’m not going to be making anymore comics until after QUEST and AP testing is over, which should be in May or something.

For those who don’t know what QUEST is, QUEST is a benchmark project that all the Seniors need to do in order to GRADUATE. Yeah, so in the all-mighty words of the Scout , “Kind’ve a big deal.” I might put some stories about it later. It actually isn’t really a big deal. It’s REALLY EASY. So why do approximately 10% of Seniors fail it? My friend, the answer is P-R-O-C-R-A-S-T-I-N-A-T-I-O-N (That word turned out longer than I thought it would…) and I am not about to let that be the reason I don’t graduate. Although, I haven’t really been procrastinating – then again… Murphey’s Law is a bitch soooo…


I have quite a few plans for this site, turning it into more like a blog rather than a site to store all of my comics. It’ll be a hybrid. I’ll occasionally put up some comics, but the majority of my posts will be blogging – and not boring, “John did this – then his girlfriend-” BLAH BLAH BLAH, BULLSHIT. Stories, opinions on things, things that make a blog worth reading. So be expecting quite a few changes, but not in layout. The reason? I can’t do HTML for shit and I’m not going to pay someone to help me with something that has an unknown lifespan. So, enjoy the new blog world.

I’m back, baby.

A little update

I got the lead role in GREASE, yeah. I’s John Travolta except not a FAG (HAR HAR HAR HAR). Also, schools been kicking my ass in terms of free time so I haven’t been able to do much.

Our little improv troupe, “The Bad News Bears” has it’s own youtube channel which you should check out. Which is right here: www.youtube.com/user/BadNewsBearsComedy

I am also doing this little radio play which will be published ASAP and that should be up by the end of Decemberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Other than that, I’m cold and hungry.

I’m not dead.

And to prove it. Here’s a picture.

Fuck Yeah

Fuck Yeah

Also you should check out my Dev-art page, cause I update that more than this site. Ha ha. That wasn’t funny. Although, I speculate that some of the people that are coming here, are coming from my Dev-art page so it would be redundant posting my Dev-art page

Chimpy and Friends, Happy Hour AND Penguins?

Oh shit! That’s everything! That’s right everyone, that is every one of the old comics I was able to salvage. Now I can start updating with Anorexic Teenage Nerdy Godzilla!

BTW: I add the titles to Happy Hour as soon as I have more time, typing 54 titles is time consuming.

The Resue and Quotes

Well, just added is The Rescue and Quotes. Two comics that I believed to be more popular than Psycho-Monkey and Friends. Enjoy!

Comics? Awwww yeah, baby!

The comics will be up sometime this week, I swear! Even the ones I’ve been able to salvage from Imageshack (which lost all my old comics, son of a bitch).

The ones that will be up are – EVERYTHING. Every comic I’ve ever made, except for the mysterious Psycho-Monkey and Friends #10 and Andrew’s Super Secret – whatever the fuck that title is – comic. Also, everything before Andrew’s comic and after Quotes won’t be uploaded since they are lost… I think. I haven’t bothered to look at all. Either way, those were bad… and not the connotation of bad (which is something akin to “Awesome” or “rad”), I mean the denotation of bad… which is horrible and shit.

It actually doesn’t change anything, the series still started to become crap, and still is.

EDIT (3:05 PM): So I didn’t actually know that you can recover files from a formatted disk, so I’m going to try that. That’s right, there might actually be a possibility that you can see my crappy, crappy Gmod comics. Most specifically, RANDOM!.

EDIT (8/16/2008 3:31 AM): I am proud (ha, ha) to announce that Psycho-Monkey and Friends is now online! Now, after looking at it I have just noticed all the spelling and grammatical errors. Let me say that again: I JUST NOTICED ALL OF THEM. Wow, I have realized that back then… I had horrible reviewing skills… The comics near the end also suck, too.