What The Bitch?

Well, what to say? Um, I guess I’ll give a run down on the comics I’ve made starting from the earliest:

The Adventures of the Idiotic Guards: 5-ish Comics (CANCELED, DEAR GOD IS THIS ONE CANCELED!)

RANDOM!: 8 Comics (Canceled)

CTF Warz: 1 Comic (Canceled, didn’t even make it past one… So much potential… D: )

Psycho-Monkey and Friends: 12 Comics (Canceled)

The Rescue: 2 Comics (Canceled)

Quotes: 5 Comics (Canceled, I might actually bring this one BACK cause it was so simply to do)

(This is where I started to shift from Gmod into actual drawings.)

Chimpy and Friends: 5 Comics (Canceled)

Happy Hour: 54 Comics (Canceled, might come back in some form or another- actually no.)

Penguins: 3 Comics (This one IS coming back! I swear! Someday…)

Psycho-Monkey Presents: 12 Comics

Anorexic Teenage Nerdy Godzilla: 1 Comic

So that is like what? 108 comics so far and still going. Shit…


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